Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Pounced on by a Panther...

Yesterday on a walk from the campsite to Erdeven - we went to visit some Menhirs (rocks that are standing up - a bit Stone Henge-like). I was going Blip those today.
But somehow I thought them a bit boring, plus loads of other people had the same idea to go and visit them. It was quite a challange to take a photo without having people in it!

In town a well deserved ice cream break was warranted, so while I sat with my son, OH and my daughter went off to buy some plus some fresh baguette for the evening meal.

So we sat on a bench with Dolly the dog, watching the traffic go by. Then this Panther Kalister came fast around the corner. Like yesterday's Blip, this was yet another fumbled and hurried shot with my Nikon. When I got back to the campsite, I off loaded the days photos from the Nikon and my Samsung onto my laptop.
Was a bit disappointed that the front of the Panther came out a bit blurred. Such a shame as it would have otherwise been a brilliant photo.

Thought I'd post it anyway... I'm stubborn...

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