Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I set my alarm this morning, switched it off - and went back to sleep for ages.  So I had a late breakfast, did a few chores and finally got the bus to Colins place around 3pm ish.  Took a few of the things he had left here - mainly food in case he was short.

His flat was a mess.  I wasn't surprised though.  Its always been the same.  He seems unable to tidy up.  He starts jobs but never finishes them. Things break but he can't afford to fix them. But at least he has a roof over his head, a working toilet, hot and cold running water, light and heat, TV and internet ( once he topped up his electric) and a bed to sleep in.  More than a lot of people have.   He'll be fine I'm sure.

I gave him £30.  He was going to use £15 to top up his electric and £15 to buy food ( although I think cigarettes and wine would also be purchased ). He will get his benefit money tomorrow so he will be able to come to my house to pay me back and collect the rest of his stuff.

So Colin went to the local shop and I walked back along Saltwell Road where I found my blip shot.  When I took this photo I did hope I might find something better but in the end I didn't so I'm having to stick with this. Thought this bakers shop had a good name.  Even though it looks to be out of business it isn't and has just closed for the day.  It seems to be a thriving business with a Facebook page and apart from bread it sells cakes, pies, takeaway meals and they provide buffet food for functions.

Musical link BREAD Alone by Billy Ray Cyrus

As luck would have it Neil was working in Saltwell Road today so I popped in to see him.  Had a bit of a catch up and then I went to the bus stop to go home.  Bit of a wait for the bus and before it came I spotted Neil - running.  Getting in a quick training run before he took part in the Morpeth 10k this evening.

The weather this morning was really terrible - heavy constant rain.  But by the time I left the house it was a lovely warm sunny day.  That's one advantage of making a late start.

Steps today - 7,180

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