Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I realise that this isn’t the kind of thing that people would expect to see for Wide Angle Wednesday, but decided to do it anyway - after all, I am a bit of a rebel!

When I went into the town centre to do some business yesterday and before I met my sister, I popped into one of the charity shops and had a browse amongst the books, not that I should be buying more, but there is such an irresistible draw towards the books that I can’t seem to stop.  

On the shelf just above the children’s toys was a row of jigsaw puzzles and I pounced on these with delight, as they were not just any old jigsaw puzzles, but the wonderful wooden Wentworth Jigsaw puzzles.  I didn’t even look at the pictures on the front, but grabbed all three and took them over to the young lady who was serving.  They are highly prized by Mr. HCB and I knew that he would love them whatever they were!  In fact, there were two views of Cornwall and a map of the same county, so I'm sure he will enjoy doing them - and if you are thinking that 250 pieces is not that many, they are quite difficult to do.

They were a bargain price and I was delighted with them as was Mr. HCB when I got home - the full price for these puzzles is about £30 each and I got them for considerably less and helped out the British Heart Foundation in the buying of them.

So here is my offering for Wide Angle Wednesday - and I will put in an extra of the four Girls About Town, as of course, it was the radio programme today from 10-12 midday.  We chatted quite a lot about Angela Atkinson’s new book, which was launched on Saturday, “Swindon in 50 Buildings”, and she just happened to have four in her bag, so Clare and I both bought one.  It looks very interesting and as I said on the programme, which made them all laugh, “Mr. HCB will love it”!  I didn’t mean I wouldn't  love it, but that was how it came out - just shows we need to think before we speak!  

The workmen are getting on very well with our new carport, which will stretch over ours and our neighbours’ garages - so we are glad the rain has stopped now.  Just going to make them a cuppa and give them a cake before we go out for a coffee - there is rather a lot of banging, so at least Jack’s will be quieter - well, we hope there aren’t too many children there, as it is school holidays.

I thought this quote was rather appropriate, given that Angela’s book is of the non-fiction variety:

“When you write non-fiction, 
     you sit down at your desk with 
          a pile of notebooks, 
newspaper clippings, and books 
     and you research and put a book together 
          the way you would a jigsaw puzzle.”
Janine di Giovanni

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