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By HarlingDarling

Screen frustrations

I spoke to the Apple technician this morning, about the screen problems I'm having. Next week he's going to have a quick look at it and see if it's a loose connection (something quite likely in this model, not least since they had it all in pieces recently) or something more serious. It's making photographic work very tricky as everything is discoloured, hidden behind a mass of white lines or similar. Just now and then it is a perfectly normal screen, tantalisingly. 

So, this is the one photo I took today, of my museli complete with fresh wild strawberries, billberries, and a few raspberries from the wilderness of the garden. The blackberries are plentiful but nowhere near ripe. This felt like a bowl of vitamin-rich food!

I tore up the new shoots from the lupin land that I cleared some weeks ago, I will have to dig out the roots eventually, but this is tiring them out quite well and doesn't take long. No lupins have been allowed to seed for the last three years and it is making a difference to their rampage. It rained on me as I worked, and  I ignored it - from this you can surmise that I was determined to rip 'em up!

I hoovered most of the floors as well, we have Kjell arriving tomorrow and it's always nice to start off relatively tidy. The sewing is all over the front room so I guess I'll have to make some neat piles and cover it up with a dainty cloth or two! We were torn away from all this cleaning by the necessity to drive into town and meet Rose, and Ruth joined us too which was really nice. We ate out and then went to listen to the Singing Shepherd, Ian Thompson from Mull, at the Museum.

He sang some of his own compositions, and some songs that some of us knew, and we were encouraged to join in with the choruses which was quite cosy. He has been caring for the sheep and other animals at the open air museum this summer, makes his living from shearing sheep and putting up fences, and seemed a very twinkly sort of person. It struck me that I have blip friends on Mull, maybe he's known to them? He has just moved to Sweden to be with the woman he fell for when he was 19. They lost touch with each other but reconnected 40 years later through the joys of the internet, and folk music. Lovely!
Link to the newspaper article in Swedish, with lovely photos.

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