Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Peculiar things

I am wading through a box of family history stuff. Some that I had, some from my mum. So far I am just listing what there is. Very undecided what to do with it all. Came across a few photos that I don't recall seeing before. This one very odd. All I can think is my great grandad as well as being a photographer also painted miniature portraits. Maybe he was trying something out. Odd photo though. Man with child and baby in a beached boat.

Extra is a really damaged photo of my Great Aunt Queenie*. I know there are people who can photoshop these things and I could have a not bad attempt at it myself, but I have other photos of her that are in better condition, so not sure it would be worth the effort. I am wondering about making a painting using it as a source image.

I switched off comments as I have no time to reply but will put back on, but understand I probably won't answer.

Update: have added an enhanced version of my great aunt Queenie's photo. No marks removed just some auto enhance options that bring out the image. Spending that time studying it I can see my lips and my mum's and also the hair line is the same as me and my mum. It is interesting to see these genetic links.

* I originally put that this was a picture of my great grandmother, however I have cross referenced against other photos and now I am 95% sure it is actually my grandad's sister Queenie. 

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