Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Handsome lads

We collected Kjell from the airport and took him out on the delta just by the airport. It's become something of a tradition with guests who arrive after a long journey of much sitting. They often appreciate a good stretching of the legs and it's a lovely easy walk through thinnish forest, ending in a wide open beach. Next stop Finland.

Since then we've had lunch, walked down to our lake and had a spritzer in the sunny garden. We felt we should make the most of the sunshine as we have several changeable days of rain forecast. Tomorrow is our village party, which will be much better if we can be outside till we sit down to eat. Kjell has a meeting of old students tomorrow evening and they are going to be outside but under cover. Viking summers are predictably unpredictable!

I have yet to do the drawing of the day so I'm going to go and do it right now. I'm enjoying the pens and black and white drawing is one of my first loves. Yesterday's waves (the pattern of the last 3 days) were more boisterous than usual. Very sadly, I heard that an ex-colleague of mine had drowned last week in an accident, and I kept thinking of him as I worked. He was a mere 65... The drawings are turning into a sort of diary as the events of the day leak in. Today was the funeral of a women who was one of the kindest, warmest people in town, and a good friend to many, including to the newly arrived citizens. We were collecting Kjell as her funeral began so we weren't there to honour her life. It's all very sad, I am mean minded enough to have my own private list of people who I could offer instead of these lovely ones, gone too soon.

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