Capital adventures

By marchmont

Upsidedown purple cow

No swimming but a morning of this and that and a new valve for the hot water. It was raining but luckily dry when I went in to George St to get the comp Book Festival tickets.

Then on to meet J at the station and off to 'La Garrigue' for a lovely long lunch and catch up. So long that by time we were finished the sun had returned. That allowed a pleasant wander up to George Square for a hilarious hour, and some fantastic singing, with NewsRevue. A last glass of wine and then down to the station to say goodbye to J off back to Glasgow. She didn't spend much time in Edinburgh and hadn't been to the Fringe for years. The upside purple cow proved a big hit.

It was a good day rounded off by watching The Proms.

It is still raining.

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