I Witness

By KangaZu

Squirrel Blip Friday .....

.... collage!

Since I didn't post my normal collage on Wednesday (BTW: thank you so much for all the love given to my Wednesday blip!) I'm doing so today!

I took so many pictures that I liked that I simply couldn't decide on just one! So much wildlife came to visit today .... and I love it!

We had not one .... not two .... but three monarchs emerge this morning. And they were ALL males!  I had released them all by 11:30 am because they were all ready to go.  One was released for a neighbor's beloved dog .... Marley. (I will have to tell you the story of Marley one of these days.) One was released for a wonderful blip friend's son ... Christian.  And the one in my collage was released for another special blip friend's beloved cat .... Emerson.  xoxo

We have many more butterflies waiting to emerge so if you have anyone (human or otherwise, but no spiders please!) that you would like us to release them in the memory of please, please let me know.  It would be my honor. 

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