By Viewpoint

A family meal at NeoMed

It’s not often we have a chance to get together as a family and we had a lovely meal at Neo-Med with everyone.  Here are two of my siblings - the youngest two in the family.  (I managed to get the bottle top in the way.). 

Earlier Nic and I had walked from our house so we could explore the Parkland area of Wentworth Castle Gardens a little more.  After a minor diversion where we lost our way across fields we found the back way into the park and ended up at the Rotunda before walking down past the Sepentine lakes (very muddy now and overgrown) and on to the Strafford Arms for a late lunch.  Lots of eating out on Thursday!. 

Plenty of butterflies on the wing and a few photos taken as we walked.  Quite a hot and humid day and I was happy to be home by the time we finally got back.

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