By Veronica


... everybody needs good neighbours. Since P and M are here for the first time in a year, we swiftly organised an auberge espagnole for 25 guests outside our house for this evening. Everyone brought food, drink, and a few chairs, and the conviviality went on far into the night. 

The great thing was introducing people who didn't know each other and seeing them get along like a house on fire. The less great thing was that I am still finding it hard to deal with social events ... it's so frustrating being stuck on a chair and limited in movement while the party buzzes round you. It was probably exacerbated by feeling tired after several late nights. About midnight I suddenly had enough of it and crept off to lie on the bed with an ice pack on my foot. At least that was something I could do unaided. But it was a good evening, and will probably have to do duty as our annual 4th of July party.

Photo by S again!

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