... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Black Cygnet

Ripplier reflections in large.
Ross'sling: Posing with parentsInto the darkness
Black cygnet: EchoesBlack swan guarding cygnetSharing grass (1/5)
Pelican: Landing for feeding

This is a black swan cygnet! My mother and I went to visit the Ross'sling (yay!) and to see the pelicans being fed, but we wandered around the lake before pelican feeding time, and found this black cygnet with its parents which was a lovely surprise...

The pelican feeding was chaotic (as is now usual): the keeper kept the safe side of the fence, but the juveniles still stretched and begged and groaned in their desperation... The older three pelicans then arrived, and it was nice to see all six of them (relatively) peacefully co-existing.

Others are all on this page (or right from Giving grass to the friendly nēnē)

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