By Kray

Back again

A chilled Sunday morning, some breakfast, some TV, some cleaning some sorting. And then ironing. I don't mind ironing usually. The process of creating order out of chaos appeals to me. I accidentally dropped a t-shirt mid way through and as I bent and twisted to pick it up, there went the twinge in my back and a week ahead of incapacity and pain.

I managed to finish the ironing, clean or the cat litter, vacuum and take the recycling to the tip. All at 2mph. My need to achieve gets greater the more pain I'm in.

This had been a reoccuring problem since I ripped a large back muscle in a car accident a few years ago. But bending and twisting? I should know better and am now paying the price, for at least a week.

I had just sat down to rest a bit when it started to pour with rain. I dragged myself up again to shut the balcony door and decided to put the kettle on at the same time, save myself getting up again for a bit.

And there I saw a double rainbow. Lovely.

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