On the way to school I spotted three of the teachers. They all seemed happy to be going to work. or happy to see me.. or happy to have their picture taken.. Either way, it made for a nice picture.

Lynn, on the left is one of my co-teachers. We have one class together and she has risen to the task of taking over probably the highest quality class in the school from a very good teacher. She has those kids rocking and is doing a fantastic job with them.

Snow, in the middle, has a thing about making fish of all different shapes and sizes. She is a very creative person and is often seen around the teachers room helping the other teachers with her drawing or cutting stuff out. MOst of them look like fish to me. She is also a wonderful teacher. I used to teach two classes with her and the kids were absolutely awesome. I was joking about the fish.. Every time she makes something I say it looks like a fish.. I have bruises on my arms to show for that.

Alice is on the right. I don't teach with her but word around the traps is that she is also a very, very good teacher. She is the clown of the bunch and keeps everyone entertained in the teachers room.

You can see they are all up for a laugh at the drop of a hat. They are all wonderful teachers and the school is very lucky to have all three of them.

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