By Freyjad

Favourite Butterfly

Although Peacock butterflies (at least for the time being) are reasonably common, they're still my favourite amongst the butterflies we see in the U.K.  Maybe it's because they sit quite still and seem to be almost putting their beauty on display, but whatever it is about them, I'm totally hooked. The nice coloured bokeh is due to a red Berberis growing about 8 feet behind the Buddleia which gives a lovely contrasting effect - not planned but a nice result.

I've been for coffee with A this morning and we spent a pleasant couple of hours catching up on each other's news but we had to cut the visit short  because she had to take her mother to a hospital appointment.  Fortunately only a routine visit this time  but I know A is concerned due to her mum's age.

Thank you for visiting my journal, it's much appreciated and thank you to Nickimags888 for hosting TinyTuesday this month! :)

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