By Hillyblips

Get Out of My Face

Leaving the house at 5:15 this morning In order to bag dragonflies, this is a rather surprising blip but wow was it amazing to see. 

Parked up having a flask of coffee by the edge of Wildmoor pool on Long Mynd I was enjoying the horses which had surrounded the car much earlier when I wasn't in a position to shoo them off licking it and rubbing their backsides against it's paintwork. Managing to climb back in through the throng I think one pony thought I might have food but no - I'm on a weight losing mission! It was a joy to see the foals gambolling around (apart from the car licking) which I actually thought might have been biting. I did taking pics for insurance purposes but wasn't going swimming with camera gear to sort it! 

So ... back in the car...a kerfuffle on the hillside started to ensue which was vicious. I think the grey was trying to infiltrate the herd and the dominant male was having nothing of it, hence the bite. 

Positively leaping out off the seat and obviously trying to keep out of the way of flying hooves I knew I'd have to follow the fight up over the hill top. The dominant male won the battle in the end then thundered past me to rest of the group patiently waiting. I finished my coffee.

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