A time for everything

By turnx3

The chestnut trail

Today, we walked the Chestnut trail, a 2½ hour walk through the chestnut woods and little hamlets between Stresa and Belgirate. It was such an interesting walk, (taking us more than 2½ hours with all the photo stops!), affording occasional views over the lake, passing several little chapels, some beautiful villas and some beautiful rural dereliction, hinting at days gone by, before tourism became the main thing. Arriving in Belgirate, we had a look inside the church with its wonderful frescoes, walked along the promenade with its colourful planters, then found a cafe for a drink. I have put a second collage in extras, with scenes of Belgirate itself. Unfortunately, we didn’t have too long to explore, as being a Sunday, the last ferry back to Stresa was relatively early.

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