By ArcLight

Fresh baking

I heard Mr A in the kitchen in the middle of the day, so I knew he was up to something. He had various ingredients out on the kitchen worktops, but I wasn't able to decipher what was being produced. A little while later a delicious smell started to emanate from the kitchen, so I popped in there and saw these. Cheese straws, with goats cheese and white sesame seeds rolled into the pastry, and black sesame seeds on the outside. Absolutely bloody delicious. He is banned from making them again any time soon. A disaster for any diet.

Eating my way through my share probably didn't put me off going to a yoga class this evening, but I guess it didn't really help... But actually, I didn't sleep that well last night (although I fell asleep well enough), and was awake from about 4am, although fitbit didn't seem to think so. I've felt a bit bleurgh all day, so I exempted myself from a trip over to Leith Walk for some Hatha yoga, although I'm sure it would have made me feel better.

I got some feedback today from some colleagues, and that was helpful. One bit of feedback enabled me to sort out what I had for some time thought was a weak patch in Chapter 2. Unfortunately I didn't make too much progress on Chapter 5, but I'm sure I will do tomorrow. I have to! Time is running on, far too quickly.

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