Morning Glories

It is one of the joys of my life to stop sometimes in the morning and stroll around the grounds of Penn State's Arboretum. The lily pond is in grand shape this time of year. There are always cool things to see in the children's garden. And the sunflowers are starting to open in the big display near the Sundial.

The trellis at the edge of the sunflower area was covered in purple morning glories, and they were all open, practically shining with purple in the morning sun. I took a shot of these two simply because I liked the way they looked: with light through the middle of them. Some fat, fuzzy bumblebee or sleek, green hummingbird had trailed bits of golden pollen here, there, and everywhere!

Sound the purple trumpets' alarum call, for these are the glory days!

You know me. I'll pull a Springsteen song out of my hat every chance I get. So here's one from the Boss: Glory Days.

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