Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Good evening

This is what happens when I just point my phone in the general direction without my glasses on. A rubbish photo. I was trying to get how great the light was on the band playing at a charity fundraiser. But managed to get the lead singer with his back to the audience. The rock in the background looked stunning too, but not in my photo.

Earlier today our friend, who had been playing, was sad that he'd lost an ear plug and thought it would be impossible to find in the sand where they had been. And I just scanned the area, saw a bit of something sticking up, walked over picked it up, brought it back and he was stunned that it was his ear plug. I told him I have special powers only half joking. Because I just knew it was there and I couldn't really see that far away without my glasses. And I do often find things that people can't find themselves. Obviously I don't believe it, but also I do.

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