By MeMeMe_Mimi

Engaging Your Core

Went over to see Daisy and Lala today, and we engaged our cores* many times while steadily munching our way through the majority of the houses snacks and sweets.
After leaving the house practically empty, we decided to go to the park and chill out there for a while, making videos of ourselves singing very loudly on the swings and scaring everyone around us away.
One man eyed us up warily as we continued to warble lyrics to an unrecognisable song, before hastily rounding up his children and herding them together, looking over at us every few seconds to make sure we hadn't started advancing towards his kids like enraged psychopaths.
We hadn't.
All of the other kids stayed well away from the swings as well, despite our intact mental health.
I think they thought we would spread some sort of disease to them if they came too near.
The playground emptied out pretty quick after that.
Ah well.
We had great craic, and a lot of embarrassing videos to show for it!
This shot is taken after we had tired out our vocal cords and headed back to the house.
It was a good day indeed.

*An inside joke that would take far too long to explain In afraid

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