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By Treshnish

Devil's bit scabious and the Sea pea

P told me he had found the not yet flowering (Nationally scarce) Sea pea again down by the remains of the boathouse on Thursday.  On Friday S moved J's cows into the same field.  The irony of needing the cows to eat down the grass after its early summer grazing break, and yet not wanting them to accidentally eat the special plants within the field. 

It was too wet yesterday to go looking for it but I went down this morning and found it unharmed.  The Sea pea was solitary and has been nibbled.  The Devil's bit scabious was plentiful and busy with bees.  
I love Devil's bit scabious, its colour, its vibrancy and its sculptural quality - I never quite get the photograph I want of it, its always a challenge. 

Best viewed large. 

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