Nesting time.........

...........for ospreys on a very grey morning.

D22 and I were thrilled to see a pair of ospreys this morning on our meandering way to the whale watching point. I'm afraid we "wasted" a fair bit of time watching them - the ospreys.
 I'm pretty pleased at these pics (more in extras) that I managed with the Olympus 12-40mm!! My Canon with the 100-400 was home of course! These are huge  crops!

So then to Pt Piquet in the hope of catching a glimpse of a whale or two. Of course, the woman who was counting today had just noted one 10 metres from shore a few minutes prior to our arrival. I wandered off looking for birds/flowers/anything when I heard some woohoos and shouts because they had seen a massive couple of breaches. So D22 was pretty chuffed :-)

She then had the long drive back to Perth but she's just texted to say she arrived safely. Good. It has been lovely to have had a friend to just go photoing with ;-)     You're welcome anytime M xx

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