Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

the garden bites back

Advice that I didn't follow:When you go out into the evening garden to pick your mint and oregano for the soup, don't brush against anything else that's lurking there. Or at the very least go naked into the garden to pick, because if you have clothes on your body this is what they end up like! Full of seeds with little barbs that catch in everything and take a while to pick off!

I spent the day setting up some sewing, faffing about with my (ancient) patterns trying to work out what would work with the material I have, & cutting out the trousers that will help me to survive the heat of Italy at the wedding in a couple of weeks. Fun to have a machine that just seems to work. They are now sewn, just need hemming. I used some unimportant material since this is a pattern I haven't used before, I might go for some of the more precious material now I know it works!

I have started my fast today, where I will mostly drink juice and thin soup and suchlike for a couple of weeks. I have now had enough hurt in my joints I feel, and fasting usually helps take the top off the peaks. I'm hoping it will also make me a bit more energetic as I have been getting tired in ways I'm not familiar with. At 64 all sorts of things are happening and changing all the time, so I'm observing and pondering and working on keeping mobile, active and fit. To that end we have committed to tai chi every day, instead of the now and then-ish schedule that we have both slipped into. And we are working on getting back to regular yoga too. After 3 months of not stretching (as prescribed by my doctor) I can say that my hip hurts a lot less which is marvellous, but everything else is stiffer which isn't acceptable! Hey ho, off we go!!

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