An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Flying the nest...


And flying back again!

Took a selection of my Wee Chookie Birdies and some other art work to Broadslap today, to meet with Lin and an artist friend of hers.  

Lin very kindly offered to put my work for sale in the Farm Coffee Shop and also to introduce me to Mary, a local artist, who she felt could impart some of her wisdom to me regarding printing, framing and mounting my work.

D and I arrived there at 3.30pm and met with Mary and a very useful meeting it was too.  Lin joined us just before 5pm when the cafe had quietened down.  Lin and Mary's enthusiasm for my work took me by suprise, they were getting quite carried away about how I could develop it and where it could all lead.  I had to rein them in a few times and remind them that I'm not looking to start a business, just wile away a few pleasant hours at my kitchen table doodling with a paint brush and pens!  lol

I was supposed to leave the work I'd taken with Lin then I realised I hadn't put my personalised stickers on the back of some of the paintings but couldn't remember which ones, so the easiest thing to do was bring them home again to check and return them fully ready to sell.

Exciting times!  :-)  

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