By davidc

Furniture removal...

We're having to move to a different pub for our camera club meetings for the next season (starting in 2 weeks) as the previous pub is going to be closing in a few months for some major alterations.

We therefore needed to move our secure storage cupboard (and all its contents) from the old pub to the new one. The fire escape was the easiest route out of the previous pub, but as you can see, even via that route the removal wasn't exactly straightforward...!

Happily everything went well and no discs were slipped. (We emptied the cupboard before moving it but it was still quite heavy.) And a fair bit of old "junk", accumulated over several years, went to the tip.

Today's song: It had to be "Right Said Fred"!

(Note: Although as you'll realise I craftily got out of this particular job, as I took the photo, but I did play my part when we got to the new place. Oh, and I drove the van too.)

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