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By essonneimage

Two happy faces

My daughter with our adopted Dolly, who was previously my late mother in laws dog. She seems to have settled in well with us.

Today I have a two hour lesson with a newish student, who is at beginner level. The longest lesson I do normally is 90 mins, but that is mainly with someone who just wants English conversation. The norm is an hour.

Have gained a couple of new students during the Summer break which in previous years was unheard of.

These days I have to try and filter the newbies as I've had two or three weird people and in the main, there are some who don't last the distance. Which wastes their time and money and my time planning lessons for them.

Am rubbish in French on the phone, so my first point of contact is via email/SMS/Whatsapp. It just makes life easier when it comes to finding the right "serious" non time-wasting students.

This is leading somewhere.

Someone tried to phone me on my mobile yesterday afternoon. As a rule of thumb, if the number is unknown I won't answer. They left a message asking about lessons. They sounded OK I suppose, if a bit ill at ease and slightly pushy.
I was busy planning todays lesson, while also supervising my daughter who was working on her English written exercises with me.

So thought I'd send them a message later.

30 mins after the first call, same number tried to call again. I left it.

After a couple of hours, I had about finished and my daughter was tired, so sent my standard reply to the caller via SMS. As usual offering a free 30 minute appointment to discuss their needs as well as providing them with a written and verbal test during our meeting, so I could see how best to help them. I finished by saying they could contact me by replying to the message or by booking via my site.

Almost immediately they tried to call me.

Suspicions aroused. Pushy people are never a good sign in my experience. Especially those who can't read!

Another snag is that I give lessons at my home, I like to think I am careful about who I welcome into it.
Over the last 4 years I have got it wrong 3 or 4 times. A weirdo. Someone else wanting me to give lessons in exchange for them doing work around our place (this can get messy). I even had another (French) English teacher from the next village pretend to be a pupil, so she could see what I was up to! Plus occasionally get people who start cancelling a few hours before their appointment.

So, I'm not going to answer the phone to time-wasters and the like... if they are genuine I can now usually tell if they are viable or just stringing me along...

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