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By HarlingDarling

I don't hate trees

My friend Rose feels that I do hate trees, she says it's my biggest character flaw (she sometimes says my only one, but obviously that's delusional). I just don't like trees in the wrong place, ie shading where I would like sunlight, blocking a view I would love to have and so on.

I was in town this morning and this tree caught my eye. It was chopped down to a stump a couple of years back, I suppose it was getting dangerously large. It looked very miserable and dead. But now it looks like a charming gonk! Explanation in case you are unfamiliar with the concept!

Day three is often a physical low point when fasting, where things feel a bit odd. Today I embraced the oddness and sewed a pair of shorts instead of gardening. Just one problem. I sewed two back sections together to form a lovely leg, that didn't match the two front sections I'd sewn together as another leg at all well! So, I unpicked it and worked it out - slowly. I now have a pair of shorts with all the sections assembled in the right places.

I'm in town again tomorrow for a board meeting and again on Saturday for the Pride march and a screening of the film called "Pride" at the Left Party meeting room. Some summer weeks I don't leave the garden! I've seen the film before and it was wonderful, funny, touching and inspiring - about the Miners' strike and a group of gay men and women who decide to fund raise for a rather conservative Welsh colliery town. Here is some info, for a left leaning person it is a joy to watch.

Almost forgot to say a huge thank you to everyone for commenting and leaving gifts for yesterday's 2000th blip! I so enjoyed reading everything and basking a while in the love. Blip is such a great place to spend time! The blip made it to page one of the popular pages, a first for me - so a special thank you!

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