Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Un été indien ? *

As we head into the last week of August, the last few days have steadily got hotter. About 30°C in this part of France yesterday and today.

Which makes a change to the early 20's we were getting both in Brittany and in the Dordogne... although admittedly our last few days in the latter hit about 30 too.

Our first week back home in the Essonne has been cool too, so it has come as a surprise to have this hot weather. Peaks and troughs it seems lately.

So after 3 weeks away I have been filtering the water on our very small temporary pool. We hadn't got a net to clean it, so I sent off for a new one which arrived yesterday.
After giving lessons this morning, I set the filter going again. Added some chlorine and started the job of getting rid of foreign bodies in the water (that doesn't sound right, does it? LOL).

All being well we'll have an Indian Summer * into September, last year it lasted into mid October! Perhaps we won't be putting the pool away just yet?

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