Silly Saturday: Chimney

It seems rather silly for me to be blipping a photo of a chimney today. After all, it doesn't look a particularly exciting chimney.

However it's part of my record of the work going on with the roof of our house, and it's a follow-up to my Silly Saturday blip last week, so I hope I can be excused. We decided that while the scaffolding was in place for the roof to be replaced we might as well get this chimney stack rebuilt too, since the sides of it have been bowing increasingly for years and we were afraid it might collapse before long. So the bricklayer came today and this is the result. It looks good through a telephoto lens but I'm not climbing up the scaffolding to check it close-up! - I'll trust them to have done a good job.

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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