My blip-years

By Silverace

The culprit!

Monday-night wrenching-night included diagnosing the root cause of intermittent power cuts to the R100s’ electrics.

Such complaints can be hard to find, and the fellow wrenchers were all expecting me to just get in and narrow down the cause in seconds, as it’s my bike and I am the ‘wire’-guy that they always consult when there’s electric gremlins to be fixed. Merits of my background, I guess.

No pressure then...

Just sticking to my normal thorough routine helped me out again this time, just 12 minutes after they started the stopwatch (they did!!!) I dug up this connection. By the way, it is not supposed to look like that, it should be more of a copper/brass colour...

Too bad I didn’t have the correct wire thickness with me to replace this section. Next week then...

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