By flavia13


Emergency photo today, from the garden.  I'm not sure but I think these are the seed heads for Pampas Grass - not my choice of plant but it was here when we moved it.

After lots of nagging advice I decided I needed to contact my GP about the humungous blister on my leg.  I am so impressed with our surgery.  I always knew it was good, and today they have been superb.

Being the Tuesday after a Bank Holiday I didn't hold out much hope but they are a new app called "askmyGP".  So I filled out the appropriate form and just said do I need to do anything or see somewhere. I marked it wasn't urgent so they could call me at any time. I also sent a photograph of the "humungous blister".

Within 30 minutes my own GP called me.  She said it needed to be dealt with so she arranged for me to see the Practice Nurse this afternoon.  Which I duly did.  It was lanced and dressed and another appointment made for it to be checked on Friday morning.  The Nurse also sore the other "bite" on my left foot, which is fast turning into the same sort of blister.  This new bite only occurred yesterday so she could'nt lance it et, but put a dressing on it.  It is incredibly sore and turning into the same sort of blister - Aaarrghh.   Amazing service though.  The Nurse is very lovely, patient and nice.  I just hope it all gets sorted before I go to Edinburgh on Tuesday.  I just hate being all sores and itches!!!

Lesson learnt - no more taking photos in grassy areas in the summer months.  Going to stick to gravelled or tarmaced paths during the hot season.

My sister also visited today, she always sees Mum on a Tuesday.  So she came with me to the GP so we could continue to chatter, which we duly did.

I then took sis back to Grange to catch the train back to Lancaster.

Sorry this is a tale of my woes.  Hope you are all well.  See you again tomorrow.

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