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By HarlingDarling

Training day

Absolutely bucketed it down as I was going to the training day. The heavens really did just open wide and down whooshed all the rain, flooding the roads and almost stopping traffic on the big road. I went in flip flops and took a change of shoes, wore a rain poncho and carried an enormous umbrella. I arrived with soaked lower legs and feet but they soon dried off. Others were less lucky, having set out to cycle in dry weather, got drenched and had to go home to get a change of clothes. No rain at all was forecast - the world is upside down, inside out, and going a bit bonkers.

Or was that the UK I was thinking about?

It was a very useful day of finding out how much responsibility a board member actually has in a municipal company (a lot of personal responsibility for finances, fines and prison time can be the result of getting things badly wrong), and of course just how intricate and all encompassing Swedish company laws are - no surprises there then! Sweden is nothing if not thorough. I've been round the block more than once with labour laws and working environment laws, I quickly learned to love the law texts as they are so useful and offer so much support. I am not in love with these new ones yet, but I might be - give me time!

Anyhow, it was a good day, not least as we worked with the other people on the same board some of the time. There were three boards there, so it was a mixture of all three, the utilities company, the housing company and the little board for the Science Center that I serve on. I am so unused to sitting still in the one place that I had almost lost the ability to move my right leg when I got the chance! That hip likes movement, please.

At lunch time I spotted this rather marvellous notice board, advertising all manner of activities and services and concerts and sports, Swedish for newly arrives asylum seekers, apple sharing day where you can go round and "pinch" apples off willing people's trees, museums and yes, of course the Science Center! The town has around 27,000 people, if you include all the bits and bobs a way off. I thought it showed what a lot is on offer for such a small place.

The extra is of the flagpoles outside the library where we were attending the training day, seen from 4 floors up and against a backdrop of dismal grey low-lying cloud. It didn't lift all the humid day so I was happy to be indoors. I really liked the golden onions on the top of the poles, but when I pointed them out to someone else they were "not amused" - we're all different I guess, but I'm glad I can see things to take delight in, even on a dastardly day, even when my heart if weeping for the state of things in the UK, even when I am afraid of doing something wrong on the board and finding myself flung into a Swedish prison for my crimes! Ignorance of the laws being no defence. Someone should tell every single member of the UK cabinet about that.

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