By wellsforzoe

Trees, Forestry, Saving People

29th August 2019:

This is one of the pictures replicated over hundreds of square Kilometers in  Northern Malawi.

Last season we managed to assist the poorest to plant about 2.3 million trees. We supplies the seeds, potting tubes and training: they did all the rest.

Such was the buy-in that this year we have requests for 8.5 million but we neither have the funding or strangely the seeds.

"If you keep cutting  your forests you will have no seeds" !! So seeds are.
 now scarce.

We are hoping to achieve about 4 million by year end.

The picture shown the early stages of the process. At the front is a seed bed where the seeds are sown. The seedlings are then transplanted to tubes. After that constant attention and watering

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