Digging around

Slow start to the morning then T came over and we grazed on toast and trifle (why is it such a treat to find trifle in the fridge in the morning?!), chatting to K, before he and I set off to explore worktops and tiles and flooring (again!)....but helpful to see things other than in catalogues.
We went back to his place to play with Heston and have lunch. Sat in his garden with BBQd meat and salad in very warm sunshine. Lovely! Discussed his garden and how it suffered in the time they were in France. The neighbour didn’t seem to understand how to water plants!
After lunch we headed to showrooms as he wanted to look at cars...he’s spending too much on running his one and needs to get something cheaper but still big enough for the dog. Found some quite good ones but how to choose between them?
Round to Mt&H’s when we got back and found AR digging in the dirt. She’s always loved doing this....even now she has a sandpit! Played in the garden with them both for a while (with inevitable stint pushing on the swing!) then when Mt home they went out for the evening whilst I put the little ones to bed.
Relaxing day for a change...

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