Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Sleepmask Orca Restaurant

A treat for us.... the girls made dinner.....menus, table set and decorations ( some had to go elsewhere as they had sea creatures on them... this little piece only had empty barnacles.) several courses served by the waitress and the chef. The chocolate chip cookie pie was especially excellent but so was the egg patty, veggies, salad and pizza...followed by the evening performance.  Wouldn’t that be nice every night?!   (The mom was the sous chef)
Earlier today they declined any boat fun ( except for the ice cream run) but they did jump off the dock into that cold water.... I’ve put that on my other journal , fotoperks2.
It turned into a beautiful day with a few drops of rain to start.    There is so much energy around here right now ( not mine).   The sailboat is still here ...we had tea with them and the neighbors ....but they had their own leftovers for dinner...

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