By Artyfartyannie

C by the Window

he actually agreed to pose for me. He is getting very grown up and behaving quite nicely. His only problem that I see is that he thinks it's very funny if his sister gets into trouble...........then he gloats ! I did tick him off for it but I guess he will carry on for a while as he gets so much pleasure out of it. See second shot with the pillow and him waiting to get her with it...... As E was talking to me at the time he thought he had his chance.......Quite funny.

Today was totally full on with these two and the other two although Mrs Mummy came to assist me in taking them to the farm. All they want to do now is to go on the big bouncy pillow (my best shot in the extras) M, the wee one is so very tough and will put up with a lot on the bouncy thing and is generally very strong of body and mind. Of the four of them she is the easiest to deal with for us old people. She and her cousin became very close friends over the last couple of days. C the oldest in the photo is maturing and is easy too as he is a good eater and can amuse himself albeit by playing Minecraft which is his latest fad. I do not like them on screens but as I am old I can't cope with crazy stuff although if you have E you have to cope, one minute she is deliriously happy the next minute she is moaning about something. I think I might write a blog about my dealings with the Grandchildren. Could go viral and then I might have some money to escape them all to South America...................................... Dream on..........this is my job in life.......no retirement for Super Granny/Super Mummy

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