Slightly frustrating day ....juggling between others trying to coordinate things and only being moderately successful. Started by texting around to try and organise something for today (and emailing P....we won’t get to see him this weekend although feel bad), then waiting for A&N before taking them and AR to Frosts to get a birthday present for V, but late back before then dashing to shops to get BBQ stuff for lunch. Arrived at T’s but Kt was just on her way out to a trail run...mistimed it as I suspected. At least Mt&H arrived soon after me so not too bad, and we settled to a relaxed lunch at last. Mx loved playing with Heston and the feeling was mutual....mainly because Mx dropped loads of food that he could hoover up! Talked over our palace trip next year, and T&Kt’s Borneo holiday shortly after.
Waited til Kt home to say goodbye before I set off north. Long uneventful trip, listening to book group book, Stef Penney’s Under a Pole Star. Enjoying it more than I expected.

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