The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

A busy day off work!

I am not yet used to having free Saturdays so I have kept myself busy today. Chris was at work on a later shift (3pm-11pm) so we headed out for breakfast before returning home to stock up the freezer. I made some lasagnes that are easy to oven for a quick and easy tea, and also some bolognaise. We always make sure we have a few freshly made (then frozen meals) in the freezer for the days where we have little time to cook.

After this, I started on cleaning the kitchen. By 6pm I had managed to gut the whole things, scrub everything and put everything back to rights. We have quite a small kitchen but there was about 2 years of dust and dirt that had accumulated in various places, and these are the places that do not get cleaned on regular occasions. All is now clean and sparkly and I am happy that I got that done!

I rewarded myself with raspberry gin and some lemonade. I think I’m starting to get a taste for gin!

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