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By walkingMarj

The wide skies of Northumberland

One of the things I like about this area, is the openness of the landscape and the big wide skies. This photograph was taken about half a mile from home and not from a vantage point. From Hadrian's Wall Trail, you often feel as though you are on the top of the world, with the undulating countryside stretching away to the north.

We had a quiet day at home. Mum seems to have recovered from yesterday's excitement. She was fast asleep when I took tea at 0715 so I left her for more than an hour before making a fresh cup.

I've pottered on with some photo printing. My printer has not been in use for months; predictably it is having a hissy fit about printing again. Sigh.

My walk was at the end of the afternoon. First I watched swallows gathering on the wires over Burn Lane. Then I chatted to my neighbour, Susan, who was sitting in the sun reading. I walked through Keepershield Farm, where there are a lot of cows and calves, then by the tiny, minor road to Haughton Castle and home across the fields. Bliss.

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