By mollyblobs

Farm buildings

The summer has been so busy that I've had little time for plant recording in Lincolnshire. Feeling a bit guilty at my neglect, I headed out to Thurlby Fen this afternoon, to see if I could re-find some missing wetland species. I singularly failed in that quest, but added other species to the tetrad totals, including the first record of Eared Willow - very common in the north and west, but decidedly local in South Lincolnshire. Surprisingly, it was a very large shrub growing right next to the path in a well-botanised nature reserve, so I'm not sure why it hadn't been noticed before.

On my way back to the car I passed this derelict farm building - similar buildings were once a frequent sight in the fens, but they're gradually being pulled down or converted. As I was photographing it, a barn owl flew out silently and was gone before I could really register it. 

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