By flying

Dawn..... and vibrant, amazing cloud formations and just a sliver of colour above the horizon was enough to light the clouds, it was divine and good for the soul.

Before this it was red, red, red as you'll see in my extras, just about need your sunnies on to view :))

Also in my extras is a blip of three banded dotterels, two on the left with another creeping into the pic from the right. It's breeding season and these tiny birds are very territorial, love the stance of the one all puffed up and looking quite aggressive. Needless to say the one of the right was chased well away.

And then my last extra is the light on the estuary probably about 3 hours after sunrise. It was very windy, quite cloudy with pockets of sun. Along the estuary we saw spoonbills, pied stilts, pukekos and a lone white-faced heron.

A morning where the ocean crashed onto shore, sand was skimming along the beach, whitebaiters were at the rivermouth and a forever changing sky above - it was amazing!

Better still I was fortunate to share this morning with blipper mpp26 by my side, gosh we had a wonderful time followed by a hot drink and muffin before parting our ways. Thanks M for another awesome morning :)

And now I'm blipping early as mum and I are off to the airport to see my cousin before he flys back to the North Island.

Enjoy the weekend everyone :)

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