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Desolate Deanhead


I had a day off work today so a bit of a lie-in this morning with a record-breaking 8 hrs sleep.

It was a nice day for a run so I did the 19 km up to Scammonden and Deanhead reservoirs. 

I find Scammonden such a noisy place due to the traffic on the M62 which crosses the reservoir embankment. Deanhead which is further up the valley is more remote and peaceful. Just sheep, cows and me this morning.

It looked like someone had pulled the plug on Deanhead - it was virtually empty and cattle and sheep were wandering on the reservoir bed. Completely different to when I was last here back in January and the extra shows the depth (each post is 2 metres high).

Thanks for all the hearts and stars on Wednesday's rainbow blip. 

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