Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


Time to continue reading.

       Rousing half asleep at about 04:30 I thought I heard what at first I took to be an electronic alarm beeping. I drifted closer to consciouness. Could it be the song of an exotic bird; or could it be someone playing random notes on a soprano recorder? I had to get up and investigate. I was awake now and no the sound was not coming from anywhere in the house. I went out on the back deck to listen in the murky light of the cloud covered harvest moon. The whistling sound was louder now and coming from the river. Of course! Bull elk bugling - it's that time of the year. What a brilliant start to the day.

       The dogs were very intent on following a scent along the river walk. I smelt faint odour of skunk. Sure enough there a skunk was investigating a hole in the river bank not three feet from the path luckily it's business end was pointing away from us and we hurried on before he knew we were there.

       The weather closed in early afternoon, thunder, lightning, rain. Clearing now . . .

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