The Hazyland Boys

By TheHazylandBoys

Kiss the Rabbit

I have been so tired this evening, that I nearly forgot to blip! Phew! Good thing I remembered!

The alarm rang at 7.30, which felt very early after yesterday. Up and out with the boys. We went for a walk in the woods and then I went to the Bakery to get a cake to celebrate Gollum and Ex-it's success yesterday. 

Off to a Nose Work training day, where I met with Helle and Ex-it (and a lot of other people and dogs). We had a lovely day doing all kinds of cool Nose Work searches. 

We have been to one of these days before and blipped about it, so you can read more here. 

My main picture is Gollum, who found one of the hides on the nose of a rabbit! 

The extras are:
1: Gollum and Ex-it's celebration. They had brought presents for each other and then there was the cake :-)
2: More of the Nose Work searches.

I am off to bed - early - but I am exhausted.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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