Crossroads crochet

What a hot day!

Ian spent the day at his footie coach training. He looked so hot and shattered when we picked him up. Then we had do a quick cross town dash with him, and drop him off at the station as he is now away in a London for a couple of days.

I missed ringing this morning as I was ferrying Ian about but we got back to Cully in time to catch the band at Costa for a few more rounds UNO. 5 rounds and we won one each - so all still to play for. Sandie bought us this fab little trophy (extra). Who will emerge victorious for our first monthly competition? Leo and I are a little worried as we will AWOL next week as he has a footie cup match to play.

As it was so hot, I spent most of the day in the cool of the house and crocheted away to keep me busy. I love this square. It isn’t one of my scheduled 365 but I loved the pattern so couldn’t resist buying it giving it a whirl. That’ll make it 366 for the year.


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