By Ronniebofa

Battle of the fitness classes

A = today’s Fit4Life with Shams
B = last Friday’s Cardio Dance with Shams
C = Stuart’s best for Thursday’s Fit4Life class
D = Laura’s best for Wednesday Fit4Life class
The instructors of the fitness classes I attend at the Peak have a wager on who can make me and classmate John White burn the most calories during their classes. Spin, Yoga and Body Balance classes are not in the running with none of them posting a calorie burn of more than 260 calories. It is a battle between Fit4Life and Cardio Dance classes. Up until today the class in pole position was Cardio Dance followed by Stuart’s “killer” Thursday’s Class (Lee’s description of it not mine). Well today Sham’s was taking Laura’s Fit4Life class and she spurred me and John on to give all we had and included lots of Cardio intermissions during the circuits. The result of this was a calorie burn record for a fitness class: 506 calories that’s a short head more than Stuart’s best (11 calories). However, in terms of steps Cardio Dance is still clearly in the lead with just less than 1,000 more than any Fit4Life class.
In terms of John White’s efforts: he may be able to burn more than me in Spin classes but my efforts and generous donations to the sweat Gods make me the winner by more than 100+ calories a class - perhaps he spends to much time laughing at my lack of co-ordination rather than donating and giving his all

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