It's not all black and white

First some work on my new refugee photography project.
Second my new yoga class.
Third, very importantly, putting in an appearance at Oxford's Climate Strike, where the circular march got stuck because its head reached its tail before the tail had set off. Excellent.

Next a train to London to meet an old friend to discuss some disagreements on LG B T Q+ issues that I had refused to discuss on Facebook because 'it's more complicated than that'. In the glorious sun we had a long walk along the South Bank and back along the north bank and agreed on some things, disagreed on others and agreed that some really were too complicated to call. 

Then to Covent Garden to see Massenet's Werther. He reminded me that I took him to see his first-ever opera, a free-for-14-July production of Manon (also Massenet) in Paris when we were 19 and hitching round France. He hated it. 

So it seemed fitting I was rather dreading the Werther he was taking me to - I've been listening to a recording and finding it very tedious. I needn't have worried. It was completely transformed live.

The Floral Hall (extra) is quite magnificent.

Black and white in colour 192

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