By GracieG

A Barbershop and a Creepy Doll

B and I went on another of the Norwich Heritage Days, this time a guided walk around 'Shardlake's Norwich'.  Shardlake is a fictional character in a novel callled 'Tombland' by C J Sansom, which I haven't read.  However, the historical background was fascinating as we found out all about Robert Kett's Rebellion in the 16th Century and met one of his relations who was also on the walk.  Boms blip covers all the background to this: so I shan't repeat it here.
However, this traditional Barbershop took my fancy, there are all sorts of antique barber related items of interest in the window and a beautiful interior too.  The Georgian building in which it is situated is on pretty Elm hill, which is always worth a photo.  A man's basic haircut costs £23, which I thought was a tad pricey?  But then I might be out of touch.
The extra is a doll with rather spooky eyes.  We stopped for lunch in one of the oldest residential courts off Elm Hill, where there was a little tearoom which shared the courtyard with an antique shop which was like something out of the Victorian era.  We entered it warily via a pair of dark red velvet curtain draped over the door.  It was exceedingly gloomy inside and once accustomed to the dark we noticed that it contained many stuffed birds and animals, amongst other oddities.  The doll was in the courtyard outside where we had lunch and was staring at us while we ate our toasted sandwiches.  Although lunch was tasty I think we might choose somewhere else next time...but it certainly had atmosphere!

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