By HeidiHH


Another hot day with max at 30°C.

With the insane mosquito problem. So taking the dogs out is getting to be quite hard. During the day it's way too hot for them and in the morning there's the stinging (which actually hurt a lot) insects and so is after 6pm. So, after mornings ordeal with them we took the dogs out 5:30 when it still was windy and then we'll just take them for very VERY quick pee later today with all the repellents on us. Funnily all the stores are keeping the mosquito repellents very near the cash registers. I think those are going out by barrels!

Tomorrow we're supposed to go hiking to Sierra de Mariola which is about 1 hour away from here. It's supposed to be around 24°C max with some passing clouds. The views should be stunning and there's a vulture feeding refuge that we should pass by, so perhaps we'll see some handsome creatures. The possibilities are Black Vultures, Common Kestrels and Red Kites. Of course we'd have better chance early in the morning and evening, but we'll see. I'm afraid what the mosquito situation will be there... We'll pack long sleeves and repellents with us!

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