a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Figuring out the details

Cathy has bought an electric fan over the internet.  She has reached that stage of her life where she is subject to sudden changes of temperature and has decided that a fan would help at night.  After careful research she made her choice and the thing has arrived tonight.  The key thing for Cathy was that it had to be a quiet fan, as it was largely going to be used at night .

Once upon a time an electrical product would have arrived complete with a plug firmly attached to the flex.  Nowadays you get a USB powered device with its own wall wart.  This needed to have the correct plug for UK sockets selected and attached.  As you can see from this shot, Cathy is still exploring the options.  There is an instruction manual and in due course it was referred to and without any problem the correct options were installed and the fan made to work.  And yes, it is a quiet one.

Before any of you ask, I did offer to sort this out but my assistance was not needed and I carefully refrained from offering advice unless it was requested.  

So chez Lovetts remains harmonious and all is well on this Wednesday evening.

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